Monday, October 24, 2011

Sing it!

Sitting here watching The Sing-off on tv...  I love this show sooo much!  Probably because it kinda reminds me of high school when I was singing...  Granted we never did anything quite like these guys, but I still feel like I can relate to them a little bit :) I was never the best singer, but I understand music, I tried my best, and thank goodness, my best was good enough!  Maybe some of my old choir or madrigal buddies will come across this post, and remember some of these great songs from our singing days:

John Rutter's Gloria (1st movement, you can find the other 2 movements on  youtube, too):

Cantique de Jean Racine:

Ubi Caritas:

Now, we were no Cambridge Singers, but I dare you to find a high school choir better than us :)  Maybe I'm a little biased, but only slightly!  haha

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